Fundraising via the web for the Gower Chorale

Dear Choir Member,

You can now help to raise money for the Gower Chorale when you purchase goods on the web. Here is how you do it. First you have to register yourself as a fundraiser with 

  1. In your web browser (internet Explorer or alternative) go to (If you automatically use Google as your home page will be sufficient to locate the website.
  2. Click on the big green arrow titled “I want to support a good cause” (See the screen shot below left.)

 screen dump efr1                     screen dump efr2


  1. Enter ‘Gower Chorale in the [Find] box and click [Find]
  2. Click on the [Support] button adjacent to the Gower Chorale box that should be at the top of the list of boxes of charities to support that is supplied as a result of 3. (N.B. only part of the log visible at this point – not our fault!)
  3. Enter your personal details as required :- they are your first name, surname, email address (be careful to get it right as there is no check!) and a password for using, e.g. allsaints . (see the xcreenshot above right.)
  4.  That is stage one of registering:- stage two allows you to gift-aid any donations that are made – fill in as appropriate.

You should now be registered to use the fundraising facility. Just carry on to choose the commercial organization you wish to browse from, purchase your goods as usual, and then when finished, you will be told how much you have raised for the charity so far. Percentages donated vary from organization to organization and there may well be special promotions for which you will obtain a greater percentage – don’t be distracted by these unless you really want to be!

 When you come to use the website again, all you need is to click on [sign in] at the top right hand corner of the hone page of , supply your email address and password and then proceed to buy your goods.

 If you have problems, don’t hesitate to ask one of us, and don’t forget – anybody can support the choir through this mechanism, so how about asking friends and relatives to use it?


 Claire and Alan Sykes